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finally become skin confident 20+ WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS REVEAL THEIR SECRETS to holistic skin care

Discover how to finally know what to do when it comes to your skin! Never feel frustrated, lost or overwhelmed again!

This event will bring together the best holistic skin care and wellness experts in the industry to teach you how to take care of your skin from a place of love, knowledge and intuition so you finally can feel confident in the skin they are in! FREE (for a limited time).


Featured Expert Sessions

DAY 0 - Skin Body Spirit LIVE Kick-Off

DAY 1: Skin - Our Living, ever Changing Organ

Michelle Valeri, US
Michelle will provide us with an overall understanding of what to consider when it comes to skin care & health with the philosophy of doing no harm to the skin and to bring balance back to the body so it will harmonize and give the healthy skin correction and wellness we are looking for. She has 25+ years experience in holistic healing and is the co-founder Holistic Dermal Professionals, skin expert in Eastern philosophy and a Chinese Medicine Wellness Consultant.
Rachael Pontillo, US
Rachael will explain how our skin is built and actually works. We talk microbiome and skin barrier, what topical regimens create more problems than support and much more. Rachael is a multi-disciplinary functional nutrition practitioner, board certified international health coach, licensed aesthetician, herbalist, skincare formulator, educator, best selling author…
Bee Simonds, US
Sharing her own stories, Bee takes us on a journey from becoming a mother and being concerned over everyday chemicals to defining personal and product integrity and how it permeates all aspects of her business and life, helping us to start building our journey back to connection. She is the founder of H IS FOR LOVE®, intentional skincare with integrity.
Jamie Leigh, US
Your Vibrant Self - detox systems of the body
Our bodies need help coping with today’s toxic load. We learn about what detox systems our body has (like our liver and lymphatic system) and explore typical skin issues that arise. We also look into the optimal time window for our body functions and much more! certified in Oncology Esthetics, Jamie is the Founder and CEO of MODERN Holistic Skin.

DAY 2: Emotional Well Being and Skin - Tap Into Your Power

Jolene Hart, US
Energy - the next level beauty care

We are exploring a new dimension of consciousness to our beauty-from-within conversation. How can we tap into our energy for beauty, what causes energy imbalance and much more. Jolene is a health coach, founder of the pioneering beauty coaching practice Beauty Is Wellness, co-founder of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance and international best-selling author of the Eat Pretty book series.

Hayley Wood, US
Intuitive Skin Care - How To Reconnect With Yourself
Shifting from the idea of perfectionism to embracing the body’s communication messages; we talk all about how to find our intuitive skin wisdom. Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley is a licensed esthetician who practices holistic, plant-based skincare and custom facials while also sharing holistic skin health and self-acceptance education.
Kari Zwickel, US
Connect - Body Care & Stress Management
We explore different full body regimens to take care of our skin, how we can take care of different skin conditions, what a full body facial is and how to use touch to reconnect (and much more!). Wholistic Esthetician Kari started her studies over 20 years ago, working alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Dr. Tosha Rogers, US

February 7, Sunday @ 9:00 AM PST | 17:00 WET

INTIMATE SKIN CARE & HYGIENE - from taboo to the new norm
Empowering women’s health through knowing how to take care of the skin we don’t talk or learn about. Dr Tosha’s focus is on hygiene, healthy vaginal skin and panties that are actually clean and not just perfumed. She is the owner of Atlanta Premier OB/GYN and inventor of the organic 3-ingredient Clean & Cute™ delicate panty wash.
Rebecca Tiger, SWE
HERBAL STEAMS FOR SKIN & YONI - intimate holistic skin health
We will explore the wonderful and empowering ritual of herbal yoni steaming and how it empowered Rebecca to regain control over her own body and uncovered the power to stand up for herself. She is a Safe Secure Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Priestess of Nature, Women Circle Gatherer and founder of Snippsauna.com who overcame infertility.

DAY 3: Inside Care - Skin Food Connection

Lisa Kilgour, CA
Skin Gut Connection
We learn more about what our digestion has to do with our skin health and typical signs of imbalance. Lisa also teaches us 3 steps to rebalance our gut microbiome which is strongly connected to our immune system and skin health. She is a  registered Holistic Nutritionist,  TedX speaker, educator and author who helps people heal from diverse and complex health issues.
Star Khechara, UK
Learn about the ultimate beauty foods and how to truly stay hydrated and vital on a cellular level so that looking young really just is the bonus our healthy and vibrant body will provide us with. Star has 25+ years in the holistic beauty field both nutrition and skincare and is the creator of The Facelift Diet® and founder of the Academy of Beauty Nutrition.
MD Elizabeth Osorno, US
What are hormones and how are they affecting us? Why it’s important to keep them at balance and how we can do that through the food we eat. Elizabeth also talks about PCOS and weight loss. Elizabeth, medical doctor and dietitian is managing chronic diseases and disease prevention by focusing on the root causes of imbalance that influences our well-being.

DAY 4: Take Control - Find Your Way In The Product & Ingredient Jungle

Ana Ledesma, BE
Globalising natural cosmetics standard
Labels are confusing and greenwashing is a fact! Ana from Natrue natural cosmetics certification explains their mission to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide. NATRUE, the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, is an international non-profit association.
Lorraine Dallmeier, UK
We look into what cosmetics are and what they are not, clear up the confusion around preservatives, how to define your personal skin care values and talk ingredient sustainability and much more! Lorraine is the multi award-winning CEO of Formula Botanica, and full Member of the Royal Society of Biology, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.
Saman Ali, UK
Know your labels - front and back
We learn how to decipher ingredients (INCI) lists to know what we actually put onto our skin. We also talk about microplastics – did you know they come in liquid forms too? Saman made a lifestyle change that helped her reverse the early symptoms of Diabetes 2 and took that same approach to her skincare and created Beauty Cleanse Skincare.
Amy Galper, US
What exactly are essential oils, how can they affect us, how are they different from perfumes, where do we find them and how to use them safely are only a few topics in this in depth session about essential oils. Amy is a best-selling author, nationally-acclaimed educator, essential oils expert & certified aromatherapist, product developer & pioneer, founder of the first aromatherapy school in NYC and member of Credo Beauty’s Clean Beauty Council.
Amy Galper, US
Take control of what you really put on our skin. How do you start on DIY skincare, what ingredients to use, what products to start out with, what are the most common mistakes and question. Amy is a best-selling author, nationally-acclaimed educator, essential oils expert & certified aromatherapist, product developer & pioneer, founder of the first aromatherapy school in NYC and member of Credo Beauty’s Clean Beauty Council.

DAY 5: Crafting Regimens From a Place Of Love, Knowledge & Intuition

Sara Nomberg, SWE
Skin care rituals - step by step

An in depth walkthrough on daily, weekly and monthly skin care regimens for common skin “types” like dry, dehydrated, combination, normal, sensitive, oily, aging, acne etc skin. Sara explains what skin “expressions” are and why we should listen to them. She is an organic skin care therapist, nutritionist, educator, founder of Organics by Sara and board member of NOC Sweden.

Katja Kokko, FI
Skin RHYTHM & Regimens for troubled skin
Although troubled skin can have as many causes as solutions; Katja will give us her best rituals on couperose skin, atopic dermatitis & perioral dermatitis, rosacea, and acne as well as how to approach the skin’s different rhythms. She has 20+ years in the beauty industry, is a licensed beauty therapist, make-up artist, organic cosmetic formulator, yoga teacher, author and creator of Yin Your Skin®
Dr Ellerie Nagy, US
Beauty Tools to Recenter our Energy
Beauty rituals can recenter our energy and awaken our Chi. Dr Ellerie explains how and why to use beauty tools like the jade roller gua cha and her Japanese teishin beauty wand as well as yin yang, the 5 elements, face mapping, emotions and organs and much more! She earned a Naturopathic Doctorate and Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and smiths her own beauty wands.
Noleen Sliney, UK
We explore natural vs conventional makeup, the main differences, common misconceptions and how to transition to organic products that aren’t harmful to your skin, health, animals or the planet. Prized, global organic makeup artist, founder of Natural Beauty Society, Noleen has over a decade of knowledge and experience of the natural, organic, cruelty-free beauty industry.
Koko Hayashi, US
Skin Yoga - Natural Anti-Aging Facial

Koko teaches us the importance Good face postures® and Tongue posture® that will activate facial sleeping muscles to lift and relax overactive muscles that pull our skin down and make us look (and feel) older than we are. Voted as the #1 Popular Yoga Class at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles, Koko has taught celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, was featured on “Shark Tank” and more.

Dr. Diana Lui, AUS
What is a rash - Western and Eastern approach on acne, eczema, rosacea
We explore the major differences between TCM compared with western dermatology, what different factors affect skin and how to approach different skin conditions.  Diana is a Chinese medicine practitioner, herbalist and acupuncturist with a special interest in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and a member of the International Association of TCM Dermatology with more than 13 years clinical experience.

DAY 6: Let's Celebrate - Skin Body Spirit Kick-Down

Andrea Endres Skin Body Spirit SUmmit
Andrea Endres, your host
Skin Body Spirit Summit LIVE Kick-Down: Open Q&A and 5-step facial

Let’s celebrate the end of Skin Body Spirit Summit and the start of your holistic skin health journey ahead. Join me in an open Q&A session that we start out with a collective 5-step facial. You might wonder what products you will need? I promise, you have everything at home already. Tune in and take the time to honour yourself, your skin and the end of Skin Body Spirit Summit 2021 together with a whole tribe of amazing women from all over the world!

We are proud to be a partner of

We are proud to be a partner of

Celebrating the best natural cosmetics made in the North.

Celebrating the best natural cosmetics made in the North.

Andrea ENdres Skin Body Spirit Summit



Hi, I’m Andrea.

I started questioning what’s in my skincare back in 2004 and have made my own skincare ever since. I am a Holistic Skincare Therapist, Nutritionist, Plant Based Chef, Full Time Traveller and happy Volunteer.

My mission is to help women to become confident in their skin, really owning their choices, their bodies, their worth! Natural and holistic skin care and nutrition were my doorstep to a journey of true empowerment and I want to share that. 

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way.