Find out the 3 Causes of Sensitive or Reactive Skin

Find out the three main causes of reactive and sensitive skin

On last weeks Q&A inside the Holistic Skin Journey membership, we talked about reactive and sensitive skin.

Sensitivity is a sign of “too much” and “overload” and can has it’s root cause in many different things. Sensitive skin can be quick to react to heat, cold, touch, become red and hot from products or food and it feels like it’s like some cranky dame that is never satisfied.

All these signs are your body trying to communicate, trying to tell you “Stop! Red light! No more! I’m getting red, itchy, hot, swollen, patchy – whatever until you hear me and STOP!”

I wanted to share three main causes of reactive and sensitive skin with you as well as three questions you can ask yourself that will help you understand your sensitive skin better. 

3 Causes of Sensitive or Reactive Skin

1) Too many products

Our skin can become sensitive from too many products with too many ingredients and functions that stress the skin like peelings, acids, scrubs and soap etc. It can also come from switching skin care products too often, even if they are natural. In short, too much and too many ingredients are giving your skin information overload that your skin can’t handle anymore.

2) Not Living Aligned

Sensitive skin has also almost always a deep anchoring within our emotions. Sensitive, reactive, eczema skin… all these skin expressions are tightly knit with our feelings, emotions and soul. Not just time pressure, money worries or uncertainty cause stress but not living our truth too.

3) The Food You Eat

Skin sensitivity can also have it’s root in the food we are consuming. Is there an imbalance in our gut or even a compromised intestinal barrier that makes our autoimmune response go haywire? If that’s the case, some foods we normally can eat, now trigger us and are too much too handle for the body.
Three main causes of reactive and sensitive skin

3 Questions to ask yourself and gain clarity

1) How many products do you use and how many ingredients in total?

List all your products you are using daily and then list and add up all ingredients; How many ingredients do you use a day combined? What do you think now that you look at those numbers?

2) Do you serve yourself?

Do you serve yourself or do you mainly serve others? List 3 things that spark your spirit and plan to incorporate them into your day. Show yourself some well deserved self-love.

3) How does you food make you feel?

Listen in and really feel and observe how your food makes you feel and look. A food symptom diary helps you figure out the what’s triggering your skin. What connections do you discover?


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