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3 ways to shine as a skin pro!

Are you a skin therapist and want to up your game? Stand out from the crowd? Then this free, live masterclass is for you!

Free Masterclass with skin care specialist
Maria Rylott-Byrd from England

We invite you to a free, international lecture with corneotherapist Maria Rylott-Byrd, co-founder of Skin Professionals UK™.

👉 This exclusive Masterclass will take you through the following methods on how to:

Understand who you are as a skin expert so you can shape your treatment menu in harmony with you.

Work with professionalism and integrity.

Never stop learning and constantly strive to raise the bar.

We end with an exciting discussion round where Maria will explain her own ethos and what corneotherapy means.

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Date: Tuesday 27th of June 2023
Time: 6PM London | 10AM Los Angeles | 1PM New York | 19:00 Berlin 
Where: Online, register below 👇

Are you a skin Pro?

Do you feel in tune with your offerings or are you just doing what others are doing?

Taking the time to evaluate yourself and how you want to work is fundamental to your success as a skin therapist.

With this Masterclass, we intend to help you define who you are as a skin professional and how you can work with integrity and become an outstanding skin therapist.

What is corneotherapy?

Maria will also share her own ethos and explain more about “corneotherapy” and why it is the intelligent way to take care of the skin.

Never heard of corneotherapy? Here is a short summary:

Corneotherapy is a skin care treatment method that focuses on restoring and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function. This means taking into account the skin’s physiological processes and trying to balance it by using ingredients and methods that are gentle and similar to the skin’s own.

Corneotherapy emphasizes the importance of moisturizing, protecting and preserving skin health by preventing excessive exfoliation and irritation. By using this method, one strives to strengthen the skin’s self-healing ability and achieve a healthier and more balanced skin.

About Maria Rylott-Byrd

Maria has been active in the industry for 35 years. She trained as a beauty therapist in the 80s. From day one, Maria’s passion was to help people feel better in their own skin. Educated at the prestigious Champneys College, she gained her CIBTAC and CIDESCO qualifications.

Over the years, the industry has changed a lot, as has our understanding of skin care. It is these constant developments that have driven Maria to specialize and find her calling as a corneotherapist.

Maria’s mantra has always been to prioritize skin health. Therefore, corneotherapy fits perfectly into her ethos.

In addition to working in her own clinic, Maria is a mentor for other skin therapists who are self-employed and need help and direction in their business.

Meet your host

Andrea Endres

Andrea started her natural self-care journey 2004 after attending one lecture that changed her life forever.

She became a Holistic Skincare Therapist at Axelsons Institute, Scandinavia’s oldest and largest school for complementary and alternative medicine under Lena Losciale, Sweden’s pioneer of Professional Education and Expertise in Botany, Dermatology and Plant-based Skincare and holds two nutritionist certifications.

Andrea ran her own restaurant in Cambodia, is a Plant Based Chef and full-time traveler spreading the fascinating and empowering world of holistic skin health while passionately volunteering at a local nonprofit working towards sustainable tourism.