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Hey it’s Andrea here…

And I’m super excited to invite you to become a handpicked affiliate partner to the Ultimate Holistic Skin Care Bundle; a combination of 60+ powerful and actionable world-class expert masterclass sessions. I would love to have you onboard helping to change the (beauty) world together <3 

Better together – The more women we reach, the more lives can be empowered! 

Which also means that you as an affiliate partner can share some amazing content with your audience and at the same time you can generate a commission from your referrals purchasing lifetime access to the Ultimate Holistic Skin Care Bundle – composed of all Skin Body Spirit Summit events I’ve had so far! We offer 50% commission, easy access to your affiliate account and links and all marketing material.

I’m truly grateful that power women and influencers like Lorrain Dallmeyer form Formula Botanica, Noleen Sliney, Katja Koko, Jolene Heart, Rachael Pontillo, Bee Simonds, Koko from Koko Faceyoga, Sara Nomberg and many more have partnered with me on this event and believe in the cause to empower women.

I would love for you to earn a big commission by sharing this summit with your audience, and help make this your best year ever!

Keep reading for all of the important DETAILS below…

Skin Body Spirit Summit Launch Dates

The summit promotion starts from April 2022. Mark your calendar! The summit launches 22-27 of May 2022. Promo material will be sent to you.

After you have registered your affiliate account and been accepted, you will get your unique link which takes your audience to the Summit Registration page where they can sign up and watch the summit for free for a limited time or have the choice to right away buy the Lifetime All Access Pass or upgrade later.

Launch Dates: 22-27 May 2022

  • Summit Registration openes & promotion starts 
  • 26 April
  • Pre-Event Final Promo Push
  • May 17 – 22
  • Event Kick Off Celebration
  • Sunday May 22
  • Summit Runs (speaker sessions)
  • May 23 – 26
  • Event Kick Down Celebration
  • May 27
  • Summit Replay
  • May 28 (24h)
  • Summit Cart Closes
  • June 1


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The Top 3 Reasons To Participate As A Partner...

Reason #1:

Your Audience Will LOVE The Actionable Content On The Summit

This one is very important, and I can assure you that your audience will love Skin Body Spirit and the customers you send our way will get incredible results and gain so much valuable insights.

I’ve handpicked the speakers at this event and spent hours researching to ask insightful questions to get them to share and teach their very BEST knowledge and experiences. They hold nothing back (I love you guys!).

We also go above and beyond when it comes to support to make sure that every attendee feels valued and gets the support they need in a timely manner.

I’m very proud of this event and how approachable and practical the content shared on it is. Your audience will LOVE it too.

Reason #2:

Genuine, Heart to Heart Experience

This is not any ordinary, stiff online event. I wanted to create a humbling, loving and accepting space where women share from their heart to other women, touching souls.

I want to create a tribe that holds endless space and allowance for genuine and heartfelt support, empowering information and doable actions for women who feel lost in a world of information and product overload, expectations and perfectionism. 

We are all on a journey and any journey is better shared.

Reason #3:

Great Commissions Mean More Revenue For You

We all love to give but also know the gift of receiving. I’m very happy to provide great commissions for your efforts!

The price for the summit All Access Pass is $67 for the one-time-offer and $97 regular price. You’ll get 50% commission for each sale you make including from any cart add-ons…

The good news is you only need to promote the free summit. There’s no need for you to push the paid version as our summit funnel works extremely well and does that work for you. All you have to do is send traffic and then we’ll take care of the rest!

So How Will You Make Money?

The below products will be offered on the backend before, and during the free summit.

Summit Lifetime All Access Pass

$67-$97 one time payment

Cart Add-Ons

We Give You All The Tools And Support You Need

Once you are an approved affiliate you will get access to all the tools you’ll need to maximize your results.

We know that you’re busy, so we want to make it super easy for you to share this with audience. We’ll send you all the material, swipe copy and tracking links, you need. Even a recommended promotion schedule. All to make it as quick and easy as possible for you! And ultimately, you know your audience best and are free ti share the event in any way most suitable for your business and audience

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We give you email copy that you can just copy, paste & send! Of course, you are free to edit, tweak, and change whatever parts of the email you wish or just write your own entirely.


Links are easy to find and ready to copy paste. No looking in past emails to find your unique link and then wondering if it still works.

Skin Body Spirit Summit Pack
skin body spirit summit instagram


Want to share on socials or even run ads for the summit launch? We fully support it and even give you images & copy you can use.


Access the data you need to track your efforts. We use the awesome ThriveCart affiliate platform for tracking. Just login to the affiliate center, and you can see all your stats, from clicks, and sales.

How To Crush The Leaderboard

Follow This Winning Formula (recommendation only)


Put together a killer bonus that supports the content of the summit. Offer something extra for signing up for free through your link.


Mail at least two to three times for the Registration page before the summit begins. I recommend that you schedule this in your email service provider ahead of time. Don’t forget to mail your unopens as well (you can literally get 20% higher open rate if you do that) – super important!

​Share on social media the day you launch the invitation by email… we have plenty of swipe copy and graphics for you!

Send out a couple of emails or add a P.S. to your normal emails before the summit ends and for the summit replay since that will drive more opt-ins + sales.

​If you are a speaker, mail on the day before your session and a few hours before your session goes live. We will send you a reminder the day before as well.


​If you would like to interview me for your audience or create a special bonus together with me that you can offer to your peeps, just let me know and we’ll make it happen.


I trust you to be a hundred percent ethical and professional. Keep in mind that you can be disqualified from our launch at any time if you’re not.

Andrea ENdres Skin Body Spirit Summit


Andrea ENdres?

Andrea started questioning what’s in her skincare back in 2004 after attending a lecture that opened her eyes to what we put in and on our bodies.

She has made her own skincare ever since, is a Holistic Skincare Therapist, holds two Nutritionist Diplomas, is an experienced Plant Based Chef, Full Time Traveller and happy Volunteer at her local non profit.

She’s passionate about holistic skin care and with the summit providing an accessible platform where all the women out there who feel frustrated, overwhelmed and clueless about their skin can connect and learn from leading skin and wellness experts.

Why? So we women can feel informed enough to simply know what our skin needs, empowered enough to make our own choices and finally feel confident in the skin we are in.


First, be sure to mark down 22-27 May 2022 in your calendar. That’s when the summit runs!

Second, mark 2-3 weeks before the summit launch to start your promotion!

Third, in order to get added to my affiliate commission program in time, please sign up now by clicking on the link below.

If you have ANY questions at all, please contact me at andrea@skinbodyspiritsummit.com and I’ll get you what you need.
Thank You for your support!