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Carlotta Tate Olason – Can The Mind Affect The Skin?

our skin is connected to our mind

Skin Body Spirit Summit is not just an annual event with an awesome holistic skin care membership but a place to meet and chat with holistic wellness experts.

In this weeks WELLNESS TALKS we have holistic therapist, psychologist and founder of Erlendur Magazine Carlotta Tate Olason joining us and talk more about if our mind can affect our skin. Carlotta is living on Iceland and also has some interesting points on how to managing black skin in cold counties in winter.

Join us live on Instagram Monday 7 June
9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 5pm UK or watch the replay. 

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Carlotta Tate Olason

Carlotta is a holistic therapist she helps individuals over 40 build resilience, embrace change optimize their overall psychological and mental wellbeing. 

She is a graduate member of the British psychology association with over 12years experience in Health Psychology and NLP coaching. She is well known for her work as a consulting across Africa, Europe, and The Caribbean and developing health interventions and wellness programs. 

She is also the founder of Erlendur Magazine with 10,000 + readers per month in 70+countires. 

The digital magazine started in Iceland as a social initiative showcasing ex-pats with the aim of promoting cultural diversity across the globe. Also being the creator of Expats Society of Experts, Carlotta is always looking for skilled immigrants to collaborate with.

She is passionate about diversity as well as health and wellness. 

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Carlotta Tate Olason erlendur magazine

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