Christopher Genberg

Christopher Genberg – The Skin’s Microbiome

What is living on our skin and why is it crucial to healthy skin?

Skin Body Spirit Summit is not just an annual event with an awesome holistic skin care membership but a place to meet and chat with holistic wellness experts.

In this weeks WELLNESS TALKS we have Microbe Rebel Christopher Genberg joining us. We will talk about the skin’s sebum, the collaboration between skin cells and microbes and two million year old skin health.

Join us live on Instagram Wednesday 26 May
9am PDT 12pm EDT | 5pm UK or watch the replay. 

Christopher Genberg

For the last 10 years, Christopher has been obsessed about the human skin microbiome and why our skin is as it is…

I was previously the Swedish distributor for a probiotic skincare brand named Esse Skincare and have now, together with my South African colleague, Trevor Steyn (Founder of Esse Skincare), recently launched a new brand called Sapienic.

I don’t use any skincare products. Instead, I try to create the perfect natural environment for my skin. This includes winter baths and soil masks.

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Christopher Genberg

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