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Nordic Natural Beauty Awards Introduction

Hi! Satu Makinen, the founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards here! As we are starting a partnership journey with Andrea Endres and the incredible summits she is leading, I thought I would introduce myself and tell a little bit more about why natural beauty is the true luxury we are all looking for in these special times.

I grew up in central Finland, surrounded by countless lakes and wild forests. Nature played a huge role in my childhood – we ate freshly picked berries while playing in the forest, we swam in lakes, we climbed in trees, we fell asleep on the grass. Partly, these memories are of course those of a curious child, though there is an important thing to notice – we were not afraid of touching nature, and nature gave us its benefits – health and beauty, both inner and outer. We were rarely sick, our skin healed fast from any cuts, we slept well after breathing fresh air, and we looked healthy without external efforts.

How the tables turn when you become a teenager and an adult. Suddenly you are supposed to look for health and beauty in pills and synthetic products. We are not any less part of nature when we grow older. So why should our everyday life be any less of it?

Satu Makinen, the founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

Many of us either already live, or move into cities to study and to work. City life can be something exciting for a young adult to experience. This said, it would be ideal not to lose touch with nature. Nature is our ultimate home. Keeping contact with nature can reduce depression, improve your psychological well-being, and improve your memory, among other things, while you navigate your life in the indoors focused world.

When travelling and living around the world in bigger cities, I often found myself missing the essential part of the north – the calming and empowering nature. The Nordic and Arctic nature is known to be full of powerful remedies due to the extreme weather year-round. For a long time, these ingredients have been the secret of the natural beauties of the north, but as the natural beauty trend kept rising worldwide, I wanted to find a way to introduce the best Nordic products made and bring them finally to everyone’s reach.

The idea for Nordic Natural Beauty Awards grew strong during the summer of 2019. A combination of three main thoughts built the foundation for the awards –  frustration towards the ongoing toxic cosmetics market, the massive growth of natural beauty brands in the north, and the need the world is expressing for magical, yet natural beauty products.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards was launched in March 2020, and it is the first-ever, yearly online awards contest of its kind, celebrating solely all-natural, Nordic cosmetics. The awards’ jury consists of 50 Nordic, internationally renowned stars coming from different fields – such as music, cinema, sports, and fashion.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 was the first edition of the event, and the second edition is in full swing coming together at the moment of writing (May 2021).

I am so excited to see the impact we keep making on the Nordic beauty producers’ and on the consumers’ lives in the Nordics and the world at large. I am also extremely happy to witness the growing interest towards a natural approach to beauty and the change in individual consumers.

To keep the change growing, I am so excited to start collaborating with the one and only Andrea Endres and bring not only one, but two fabulous events into everyone’s knowledge. Skin Body Spirit Summit (free!) organized by Andrea, is an absolute must to attend if you want to learn how the skin works, and why natural skincare is the most beneficial for any skin (much like the berries and trees worked in my childhood).

As I mentioned, today many of us live in cities and don’t have the opportunity to enjoy forests and nature. This is where natural skincare products and other cosmetics come in handy – to feed us nature’s benefits. 

You may think; there are so many options out there, so how can I find the best products? Well, we have made the curation for you. To find the best 100% natural products for your daily use, you can head over to the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards site. All the awards nominees have passed a naturality check, and all the winners have been pointed to be the best by our Nordic Beauty Jury. As mentioned above, the Nordic nature is one of the purest and cleanest in the world (according to WHO), and cosmetics are also made with the same highest standards, so there is no better place to start exploring natural cosmetics.

"I personally believe that natural beauty is the ultimate beauty – and the ULTIMATE LUXURY – that the world is looking for in these very special times, and in the future."

With Nordic Love,

Satu Makinen
The founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards.

If you represent a Nordic natural cosmetics brand, don’t miss the registration deadline for the 2021 awards on May 31st! Register your brand on the awards website: https://nordicnaturalbeautyawards.fi/apply/

Read the awards’ blog, listen to the Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast, and follow Nordic Natural Beauty journey on social media: https://linktr.ee/nordicnaturalbeautyawards 

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