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FREE Masterclass – Holistic Health Through Conscious Self Massage

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Skin Body Spirit Summit is not just an annual event with an awesome holistic skin care membership but a place to meet and chat with holistic wellness experts.

Once a month we have an Expert Masterclass as part of our membership. BUT I make this session available for anyone not just members – and it’s FREE!

This month, we have Britta Oehler who is the founder of ConsciousLifeDesign and the creator of the InnerBalance-Onlinetraining.

Come and join us for a meditation and conscious facial massage lead by Britta. Learn also on which levels self-massage can support us and promotes better intuition and that leads to holistic health.

Britta also has an amazing gift for us 🎁

WHEN: Thursday 17 June
TIME: 8am Los Angeles / 11am New York / 16:00 London
DURATION: 40min Masterclass + 20min Q&A
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Additional 20 min Q&A

Andrea Endres, your host and holistic skin care therapist & nutritionist, founder of the annual Skin Body Spirit Summit and it’s monthly membership “Holistic Skin Journey” will personally stay on for you another 20min to answer any question you might have on anything holistic and natural skin care.

More about Britta Oehler

After leaving her corporate business career, she passionately shares her inspiration through 1:1 coaching, empowering workshops and transformational retreats worldwide.

Besides that, she offers individualised meditations, a powerful tool for deeper contemplation as well as basic Human Design readings.

Her main intention that is close to her heart is inspiring people to trust their intuition as well as to follow their inner guidance and truth no matter what.

Britta's gifts for us

Conscious Life Design Meditation: 
This powerful guided meditation strengthens the reconnection to the part in you that never changes: your intuition. The journey contains breath and body awareness, concentration and focus, visualization, manifestation of a specific state of being and the invitation of being aware of awareness itself. Through that you become able to source your energy, alignment, clarity and stability independent from outer circumstances which allows you to create a thriving life.

Holistic Ayurvedic Face Massage:
Everything starts with awareness and the connection to yourself. In order to thrive in life it is crucial to feel your intuition and your inner guidance.
If there are blockages in your physical, emotional or energetic body, the signals of your inner voice will not be crystal clear.
Self touch/massage is a form of meditation. It is a conscious practice that brings you into the present moment, increases the connection to yourself and therefore to self awareness. Feel warmly invited to this Holistic Ayurvedic Face Massage and enjoy this beautiful practice!

20% on all courses and coachings from Britta Oehler.

Feel free to reach out via britta@brittaoehler.com, I’m totally looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Connect with Britta

Holistic Skin Journey Monthly Membership

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