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FREE Masterclass – Impact of Skincare on personal, ecological and global level

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Skin Body Spirit Summit is not just an annual event with an awesome holistic skin care membership but a place to meet and chat with holistic wellness experts.

Once a month we have an Expert Masterclass as part of our membership. BUT I make this session available for anyone not just members – and it’s FREE!

This month, we have Saman Ali who is the CEO and founder of Beauty Cleanse Skincare.

Come and join us and feel truly empowered about your choices and health! Saman’s story on being diagnosed with diabetes and how she tapped into her very own power which then lead to a holistic understanding and approach to exactly everything in her life.

💥 Every single one of us holds true power in their hands. Our personal choices matter and if you, like us, want amazing vibrant skin and a happy healthy planet, you’ll love this free masterclass. And, if you are a nerd for stats and skinimalism, this is for you 😍

When you join us live you’ll get Saman’s gift 🎁 ==> Beauty Cleanse Cheat Sheet!

WHEN: Thursday 15 July
TIME: 8am Los Angeles / 11am New York / 16:00 London
DURATION: 40min Masterclass + 20min Q&A
RE-PLAY HERE: All masterclass re-plays here

FREE Masterclass - Agenda

👉 1st Part;
~Impact on Personal Level~
Is your bathroom cabinet filled with products that.. let’s be honest, you don’t really use?

• Are many ingredients all at once good or bad for your skin?
• Have you unconsciously created more issues with your skin and created a viscous cycle?
• Is skincare that is supposed to be self-care a source of stress?

👉 2nd Part;
~Impact on Ecological Level~
Majority of the products are full of fillers, temporary fixes and plastic polymers, which are all harmful for the planet.

•What about Microplastics?
•What happens to liquid plastics like Silicones and Non-Biodegradable Ingredients and Packaging?
•Fresh Water consumption within the beauty industry.

👉 3rd Part;
~Impact on Global Level~
One common and concerning issue that not many people talk about is the consumption of virgin, new resources.

• What has Circular Economy do to with beauty?
• What can we do about the endless waste created by food and other industries?
• Can the skincare industry find a way of reusing, upcycling and reducing before finally recycle?

Additional 20 min Q&A

Andrea Endres, your host and holistic skin care therapist & nutritionist, founder of the annual Skin Body Spirit Summit and it’s monthly membership “Holistic Skin Journey” will personally stay on for you another 20min to answer any question you might have on anything holistic and natural skin care.

More about Saman Ali

Saman Ali is a Founder and CEO of Beauty Cleanse Skincare which is a Superfood-Powered Minimalist Skincare brand based in London, UK.

Prior to that, she managed her partner’s large IT firm, namely as the Project and HR Manager (2018-2019). Her prior experiences include: Project Analyst, managing large governmental projects – for a multinational consultancy firm Capgemini UK plc.

She holds a 1st Class BSc. Honors in Project and Operations Management from the University of Kingston Graduate School of Business, London, UK. She also obtained her Diploma is Organic Herbal Product Formulation in 2020.

Saman founded Beauty Cleanse Skincare after her very own struggle with health and skin inflammation. Lack of energy, fatigue and health & wellbeing issues only in her early 20’s, led her to focus on nutrient-rich plantbased alternatives and mindful consumption.

Everything that the brand stands for comes from the lessons behind her journey with Diabetes.

After successfully reversing her health condition by embracing 100% plantbased lifestyle, Saman felt inspired to create her own minimalist skincare by harnessing the power of same multi-functional, superfood ingredients that helped her recover.

Moreover, understanding the impact of the commonly used ingredients on our skin and the planet, Saman learnt that our skin only need fewer high-quality products rich in nature’s hardworking ingredients to enjoy its healthy state without cluttering up the bathrooms and the landfills – and with complete transparency that can help consumers make informed decisions.

And this is what motivated her to quit her corporate career and create Beauty Cleanse Skincare.

Her products reflect her clean & conscious lifestyle, hence she calls them “a perfect JUICE CLEANSE for the skin“.

Since the launch in 2019, Beauty Cleanse Skincare is twice-nominated as the “Best British Brand” by British Beauty Council (2019) and Pure Beauty Awards London (2020). Saman recently created a unique project, “Beauty Cleanse Minimalism Chats” (#RefuseRevolution), which is a series of informal conversations with some of the top beauty industry experts to promote slow consumption and minimalism in beauty and personal care. It is designed to empower consumers to simplify complicated and wasteful beauty routines, whilst taking care of their skin in the most simple and effective way.

Here’s the link for the first episode of Beauty Cleanse Minimalism Chats: https://youtu.be/tGOn92fk0Is

Saman's gifts for us

Get to know your labels to make informed purchase decisions, that are both good for skin and good for the planet! Join us live and get Saman’s gift  ==> Beauty Cleanse Cheat Sheet!

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