Adam Kawalec

How a life coach can help you with your skin

Balance in your life equals balance in your skin

We had our very first Expert Life Coaching Session for our Holistic Skin Journey membership with Adam Kawalec and we talked about how to find your spark and follow it!

Inside the membership, we have Adam joining us once every month. It is truly life changing to have a skilled coach by your side I know it will bring you tons of AHA moments.

He truly is a master in helping his clients to become crystal clear on what you want and how to get it.

Meet Adam Kawalec

Adam Kawalec

Adam was one of the youngest leadership talents to be groomed in Sweden and who one day left his corporate job as top level manager and started working with what he loved the most – people (instead of numbers).

With literally thousands of coaching hours and almost two decades of working with people and personal growth on his back, life & business coach Adam will join us every month for a heartfelt coaching session that will help you gain clarity on what is important for you right now. Become clear, get unstuck and get help to take action and implement what really aligns with your core.

Once your body is in balance, your skin can be too.

Did you know? True coaching is not about giving advice or teaching. A coach helps you uncover your answers according to your unique interests and situation.

Our skin is affected by how we view and live our life because of all the body functions this triggers; hormonal to stress to metabolism and circulation just name a few.

That’s why living a life aligned with your core values is essential for healthy skin.

Do you often feel torn; can’t decide on what to choose to do; what’s best to do; would be the smarted choice; or where to invest your creative energy and when thinking more about that idea you had in mind, all you can see are the obstacles in your way so you never even get around to start on anything? 

Because, who’s truths are they really; societies? Your parents and friends? Your own limiting beliefs? Get those fictive illusions out of your head!

We don’t have to follow someone else’s “template”.

If the way others are creating their life (or following societies mapped out path) just doesn’t feel right for you; go ahead and pave your own path! Redefine how things are done according to you.

So basic, but so true. And exactly how you can do that is what Adam explained for us and he also added a couple of exercises to the membership area to get you out of that spiral that clearly isn’t getting you anywhere. Check it out HERE.

Join our monthly membership and gain access to:

2x Skin Care Q&As
1x Expert Masterclass
1x Life Coaching Session
1x Detox & Nutrition Session
24/7 Community
24/7 Recourse Library

You can trial the Holistic Skin Journey monthly membership first and pay later. Sign up and get 14 days free trial and access to everything.

Do you feel stuck in your life? What do you struggle with the most?

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