Keisha Rodroguez - A Wholistic Approach to Style

Keisha Rodriguez – A Wholistic Approach to Style

what is Wholistic Style?

Skin Body Spirit Summit is not just an annual event with an awesome holistic skin care membership but a place to meet and chat with holistic wellness experts.

In this weeks WELLNESS TALKS we have beautiful Keisha Rodriguez joining us. We will talk about  her wholistic approach to style which encourages mindset and body image and why skincare is important. Keisha also has a gift for us! (get it at the bottom of the page)

Join us live on Instagram Wednesday 19 May 12pm EDT | 5pm UK or watch the replay. 

Meet Keisha Rodriguez

Keisha Rodriguez is an ex Banking Professional turned Virtual Personal Stylist and Confidence Creator based in Trinidad and Tobago.

When she made the switch from banking to styling her lack of self-awareness caused her personal brand to suffer and so did her career. This however, propelled her to educate herself in the fashion and style industry and her brand Fashion Mode was born.

Keisha is now on a mission to confidently upgrade the personal brands of professionals and want-to-be professionals all over the world.

She teaches others how to send the right messages aesthetically in order to influence their perfect audience and utilizes her corporate background to add balance to her valuable range of style offerings.

Keisha is known for her wholistic approach to style and encourages mindset, body image and fashion discoveries as she builds the confidence and personal brands of professionals worldwide.

Catch us LIVE or Listen to the Replay

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My Gift To You

Free 3-Step Style Therapy Guide that breaks down the wholistic approach to Style.

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