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Trial for two weeks. Pay full later.

Do you feel frustrated about your skin?

Unfortunately, buying more products or jumping on the next skincare hype is most probably why you’ve come to feel frustrated and overwhelmed in the first place.

Trial for two weeks. Pay full later.

Is it your skin that is the problem or how you treat it?

Living in a fast paced society...

It's time to be in charge...

Vibrant and glowing skin does not come from some miracle potion in a bottle (sorry to be a party pooper).
Healthy skin is achieved through:

This is what's included

Botanical Facial + Individual Skin Care Advice

Twice every month, I personally come online for you and invite you to join me in a follow along botanical facial where I share with you gentle yet effective ways to care for skin. This time is also to check in with ourselves and our skin, what works, what doesn’t. How is your skin right now and how has it been? I’ll guide your through an all natural facial and give you tips on your specific needs. Bring questions about specific skin conditions, routines, rituals, products, ingredients and boost your skin health journey with confidence and support. This is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know everyone else in the tribe.

Allocated Time for Self-Study & Implementation

Once a month I’ll send you wonderful, practical at home information and prompts on holistic, natural skincare, nutrition or lifestyle so you can support your topical care internally and externally. This part of our work together is prescribed to you as a mindful time that you liberality set aside for yourself to really implement what you have learned. Knowledge is only valuable once you apply it.

Holistic Skin Care Circle creating inner & outer rituals

Once a month we get together and share all that is going on and see where a shift is wanted and needed and how we can create that. Healthy skin is rooted in the three main pillars of topical, internal and emotional care which is what we are looking deeper at and create self love rituals. Bring a friend! They can sign up right here. This is a public event so anyone is welcome to join!

Skin Care Q&As

You get access to all our previous Q&A sessions that might hold one or the other insight that helps you along your skin health journey.

Expert Masterclasses

You get access to all our previous masterclass sessions where other industry experts joined us on specific topic within holistic skincare and wellness. 

Life Coaching Sessions

You get access to all our previous heartfelt coaching conversations with former top level manager turned life-coach Adam Kawalec. Gain clarity on what is important for you right now and how to create change.

Detox & Nutrition Sessions

You get access to all our previous detox & nutrition sessions with Johanna Froese who is a Detox Specialist & Natural Healing Facilitator. Understand detox processes and how you can support your skin with food.


Implementation of any change is strongly affected by our environment. Especially the people around us that are stagnant and not being on the same transformative journey as you are about to emerge into, make it hard to stick to new routines. That’s why the HSJ membership comes with a empowering tribe. We use Signal to stay in touch and on top of our common goal of healthy skin.

Recourse Library

As a member you have access to all Reset Your Skin course, worksheets and recourses that I regularly add to the membership area. The material focuses on the important holistic basics for healthy skin and lifestyle and will powerfully change your skin game, boost your self-competence and body-wisdom so that you can become confident in the skin you are in. 

Trial for two weeks. Pay full later.

Skin care is about more than vanity;
it’s the start of an empowering journey to self-love and holistic wellbeing.

Four reasons to join


Can’t afford a holistic facialist several times a month or book private skin consultations? HSJ membership is your standing weekly appointment with a skincare professional. Additionally this will save you trial and error hunting for products.


We focus on effective, consistent daily routines instead of occasional salon treatments or a time limited dieting plan. At the same time, the HSJ membership is a great additional support for the time in between professional treatments. 


High personal touch and content created relevant to our members help you craft skin and life routines that make sense to your unique situation. Group accountability will make it easy for you to keep up with your new routines. We’re in this together.


Access your member-area anytime from anywhere, no dependency on a fixed location. Take part in our live sessions or catch the replays. Join the tribe on our community chat and be elevated by likeminded women on a similar journey.

Trial for two weeks. Pay full later.

In short:

Every Month You’ll Get:
Holistic Skin Journey Membership Skin Body Spirit Summit

Trial for two weeks. Pay full later.

Holistic Philosophy

A thriving planet is created through thriving inhabitants and vice versa

All for One
One for All

Our personal health is directly connected to the health of our environment and society and vice versa.

Inside Out
Outside In

Good skin, vibrant health and a radiating soul comes from several inner and outer factors that are up to us to choose.

Less Is More
Few Make Many

Focus on multifunctionality and resource saving products to save money, space, mother earth and your sanity.

Trial for two weeks. Pay full later.

get answers. find a tribe. ask experts.

Hi, I’m Andrea and I have created the Holistic Skin Journey Membership as a one-stop space that provides a non-judgemental community, answers to your questions on all things holistic skin care so that you can finally own your skin health choices and feel confident.

I started questioning what’s in my skincare back in 2004 and have made my own skincare ever since. I am a Holistic Skincare Therapist, Nutritionist, Plant Based Chef, Full Time Traveller, happy Volunteer and creator of the No 1 holistic skin care online event Skin Body Spirit Summit.

My mission is to help women to become confident in their skin, really owning their choices, their bodies, their worth! Natural and holistic skin care and nutrition were my doorstep to a journey of true empowerment and I want to pay it forward.

Andrea ENdres Skin Body Spirit Summit