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Noleen Sliney – Organic Beauty Myths & Value Perception

clearing up natural beauty myths

Skin Body Spirit Summit is not just an annual event with an awesome holistic skin care membership but a place to meet and chat with holistic wellness experts.

In this weeks WELLNESS TALKS we have  “The Organic Makeup Queen” Noleen Sliney joining us. We will clear up some myths and preconceptions that roam about organic, natural beauty and also take a closer look at our value perception.

Join us live on Instagram Monday 31 May
9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 5pm UK or watch the replay. 

And, Noleen has a gift 🎁 for us! (scroll to the end)

Noleen Sliney

Noleen is a former Treasury Analyst, turned International Organic Makeup Artist, founder of Natural Beauty Society, Creator of Selfcare Makeover and How to Look Your Virtual Best on Zoom and judge in the Natural Health Beauty Awards.

She’s been called “The Organic Makeup Queen” by Natural Health Magazine and named a Top Beauty Eco Influencer.

A pioneer of the digital beauty age, Noleen works virtually with professional women worldwide teaching them how to show up powerfully and confidently for success in business and life.

She helps them establish their leadership look as well as create a simple customised selfcare routine they can effortlessly incorporate into their hectic daily routine. Additionally she helps them easily transition to organic products that are kind to their skin, health, animals and the planet. In addition to this, she also worked in the finance industry for more than 10 years.

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My Gift To You

Get your copy of Noleen's Best Natural & Organic Makeup Brands guide. It contains a list of some of the best, high-quality natural, organic and cruelty-free makeup brands to suit every budget.

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