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Skin Body Spirit Summit 22 – 27 May 2022!

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Summit runs between: 22 – 27 May 2022
  • (Summit Registration opens 
  • Summit Promotion Starts
  • 20 April)
  • 8 May
  • Pre-Event Final Push
  • May 17 – 22
  • Event Kick Off Celebration
  • Sunday May 22
  • Summit Runs (speaker sessions)
  • May 23 – 26
  • Event Kick Down Celebration
  • May 27
  • Summit Replay
  • May 28 (24h)
  • Summit Cart Closes
  • June 1

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22 May: Kick off (Andrea & Satu)
23 May: Uma Ghosh, Joanna Bowen, Maria Rylott-Byrd, Lorraine Dallmeier, Dr. Sally Gouldstone
24 May: Jane Jopling, Star Khechara, Shannon Anderson, Renee Harris, Jackie Johnson
25 May: Gabrielle Richens, Kelly Bonanno, Jessica Jade, Kassandra Kuehl, Idris Harki & Magnus Dandanell
26 May: Iván Valencia, Krishna Patel, Evado Arfs, Nadine Artemis, Adam Kawalec
27 May: Kick Down (Andrea)

Examples of Email Subject Lines to use:

  • Subject #1: The Skin Body Spirit Summit is back!
  • Subject #2: This knowledge can change your life forever.
  • Subject #3: Everything you ever wanted to know about skincare.
  • Subject #4: Skin Guide inside: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro.
  • Subject #5: *Time Sensitive* Join 20 natural skincare masterclasses for FREE
  • Subject #6: Have you tried it all but nothing works on your skin?
  • Subject #7: Invitation to my speech tomorrow
  • Subject #8: Don’t miss my free Masterclass today

Email Copy Suggestion 1)

At the end of May, my friend Andrea Endres is launching her amazing FREE Skin Body Spirit Summit again for the second year in a row and for the third time around!

6 days, 20 masterclasses of holistic and natural skin care expert advice will bring you confidence and clarity to how to really care for your skin.

This free online event is packed full of incredible insights, actionable tips and essential skin knowledge to help you feel confident in your skin.

Whether your skin condition, you’ll discover tons of life changing insights and learn how to implement natural and holistic skincare approaches to your unique skin and situation.

World-class experts such as Uma Ghosh, Nadine Artemis, Lorraine Dallmeier, Joanna Bowen, Shannon Anderson and many more share how you can create healthy skin from a place of self love, intuition and knowledge so that you will never feel overwhelmed, confused and helpless again when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn during the summit sessions:

  • the pillars of holistic beauty and youthfulness,
  • importance of the skin microbiome,
  • ingredients, herbs and formulation,
  • DNA and cell health for healthy skin,
  • interplay of the mind, stored trauma and self love/care for women,
  • corneotherapy and the lifecycle of a skin cell,
  • toxic load in skincare products,
  • powerful rituals that fuse us with Mother Earth,
  • how the skin functions, it’s aging process, skin damage/premature aging,
  • difference between the AM + PM routines,
  • beauty standards and how to break them,
  • transparency and sustainability in the skincare sector,
  • hydrosols for skin,
  • Plus much, much more!

Make sure to save your spot and register for FREE today
⇒ Register here ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

And, to get you started right away, Andrea is gifting you an awesome Skin Guide: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro together with your free ticket.

⇒ Download your Skin Guide: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro ⇐ (includes your free ticket!) [insert your affiliate link]

Email Copy Suggestion 2)

If you’re interested in finding out the best holistic skin care practices that actually support your skin and cut through the noise and confusion, then keep reading.

My colleague Andrea Endres, holistic skincare therapist & nutritionist, has just announced the Skin Body Spirit Summit 2022 registration is open! And it’s FREE.

The online event runs from May 22 – 27 and you’re free to choose and pick any expert session you’d like to join.

Andrea has pulled together an incredible line-up of the most knowledgeable experts in natural holistic skin care and wellness to share decades of knowledge, insights, and rituals for achieving your best skin naturally while focusing on your unique skin situation. 

I really recommend you to join this free event and become your own skin expert. It’s so empowering!

Check out the exiting Masterclass topics and register for FREE here [insert your affiliate link]

But don’t take my word for it! This is what others say:
“My sister invited me to join and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first ten minutes were powerful and life-changing. Listening to amazing women speak from a place of love about their skin journey and teaching us not to “fix” our skin, but rather nourish it, was something I needed to hear. I would eagerly await each new day, totally blown away by all the new insight I gained with each new video. I thank my sister, and I thank Andrea, for introducing me to a new way of caring for my skin.“ -Nicole J

“I enjoyed the positive mood of the summit, and an empowering community of experts. I was introduced to practitioners that have changed the way I think and feel about natural beauty!” – Caroline

If you’re just as excited about this as I am, make sure to save your spot and register for free today (Andrea is gifting you an awesome Skin Guide: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro together with your free ticket.)

⇒ Register here ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

"P.S." that you can include in your normal emails

P.S. Don’t miss out on getting this amazing FREE Skin Guide: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro + a free ticket to the natural skincare event of the year — the Skin Body Spirit Summit 2022! Click here [insert your affiliate link]

P.S. If you want to get true empowering knowledge that will make you feel in harmony with your skin from some of the most incredible women and men in the holistic skin care and wellness industry, then make sure to grab your FREE ticket to the Skin Body Spirit Summit end of May 2022. ⇒ Register here ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

P.S. Want healthy and vibrant skin? Join me and 20 world class experts sharing decades of knowledge on natural and holistic skin care at the Skin Body Spirit Summit end of May 2022, the FREE virtual skin care event of the year! Get your free ticket here. ⇒ FREE Ticket ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

P.S. Don’t miss a minute of this amazing, heartfelt and wonderful online event! With over 20 Masterclass Sessions, Skin Body Spirit Summit lasts through 22-27th of May 2022 and compiles everything you need to know to finally become confident in how to care for your skin in a natural and holistic way – all under one virtual roof. ⇒ FREE Ticket ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

"P.S." specifically if you are a speaker

P.S. I’m speaking at Skin Body Spirit Summit TOMORROW — will you be there? Get your ⇒ FREE Ticket ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

P.S. I’m really excited to announce that my talk on [INSERT TOPIC] for the Skin Body Spirit Summit goes live TODAY, and you’re invited to check it out – for free. Watch my session ⇒ Register here ⇐ [insert your affiliate link]

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Get your FREE Skin Guide: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro + a free ticket to the natural skincare event of the year! Click here [insert your affiliate link] #FreeEvent #SkinBodySpiritSummit #HolisticSkincare


Click here [insert your affiliate link] #FreeEvent #SkinBodySpiritSummit #HolisticSkincare


The Skin Body Spirit Summit 2022 is here! Let this amazing event guide you on how to take care of your skin from a place of knowledge, love and intuition. With your FREE ticket you’ll:

  • Get access to several holistic skin care Expert Masterclasses a day.
  • Skin Guide: Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro included.
  • Be able to join their fun & valuable LIVE Kick Off and Kick Down events.
  • Guided LIVE botanical facial & Q&A included!
  • Receive gifts from the experts.
  • Find community and become empowered to take your skin health into your own hands!

The Summit runs from May 22 – 27. Make sure to get your FREE ticket here [insert your affiliate link] #FreeEvent #SkinBodySpiritSummit #HolisticSkincare

Giveaway Caption Suggestion

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🎁 Lifetime All Access Pass #GIVEAWAY with @skin_body_spirit_summit 🍀

🥳 Win a Lifetime All Access Pass to the Skin Body Spirit Summit 2022 + [insert your own price if you like]

💁‍♀️ Find out how easy skin care really is! 20 holistic skin care & wellness experts including me will give you eye-opening insights and truly empowering knowledge that will strengthen your integrity and build your confidence on what’s good for YOU and YOUR skin.

✨ Imagine the feeling of simply knowing how to take care of your skin and feeling confident in it!

How To Win:
1) Follow the 2 giveaway accounts [@insert your handle], @skin_body_spirit_summit
2) Like this post,
3) Leave a comment and let us know what your skin needs in emojis and don’t forget to tag your friends!
4) Optional: extra chance by sharing this post on your stories mentioning the 2 giveaway accounts (Send us a screenshot if your account is private)

The giveaway ends [insert end date of giveaway].
We’ll randomly select two winners between all the people meeting the above conditions.

Good luck to all! 🍀🤞 #skinbodyspirit #holisticskincare


You can of course make up your own rules. Just mention @skin_body_spirit_summit 🙂 You find giveaway graphics in the graphic folder or you can make your own.

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First, be sure to mark down 22-27 May 2022 in your calendar. That’s when the summit runs!

Second, start scheduling your emails and social media posts. Use the promo calendar further up on the page as your help.

If you are new to this or have ANY questions at all, please contact me at directly on WhatsApp +46702361497 or andrea@skinbodyspiritsummit.com

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I’m looking forward to a successful launch with you by my side! One for all, all for one 😀

Andrea ENdres Skin Body Spirit Summit