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Skin Body Spirit Summit

Discover how to finally know what to do when it comes to your skin! Never feel frustrated, lost or overwhelmed again!

This event brings together the best holistic skin care and wellness experts in the industry to teach you how to take care of your skin from a place of love, knowledge and intuition so you finally can feel confident in the skin they are in! FREE (for a limited time).

Welcome to the annual Skin Body Spirit Summit! Our exciting 2022 edition features a completely new expert line-up, 20 new master sessions and incredible resources!

FREE ONLINE EVENT | May 22 – 27, 2022

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Join hundreds of women just like YOU and start on your empowering skin health journey TODAY!

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Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Skin Body Spirit Summit:

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Full schedule

Six Days | 20 Masterclasses | May 22-27

DAY 0 - Skin Body Spirit LIVE Kick-Off

Andrea Endres
Nordic Natural Beauty Awards
Andrea Endres, your host together with Founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards Satu Mäkinen

May 22, Sunday LIVE @ 8:00 AM Los Angeles | 11:00 AM New York | 4:00 PM London

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Let’s kick off this amazing event with a Meet & Greet and get to know each other! Your host Andrea has invited Satu founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards and together we’ll check out the program for the coming days and dive into the question of what holistic skin care actually implies. Let’s finish off our welcome get-together with a guided facial! And, you have the chance to win a Lifetime All Access Pass for you and your friend!

DAY 1 | Monday 23rd of May

Uma Ghosh

Pillars of Holistic Beauty and Youthfulness
What is holistic beauty, aspects of skincare, how to look and feel youthful longer?

Joanna Bowen, BA., CNP

The connection between our genes, our food, and the way we age
What is aging and do we really have any say in the process?

Maria Rylott-Byrd, Corneotherapist

Maria Rylott-Byrd, Corneotherapist

What is corneotherapy and why you should know about it
The makeup of the skin barrier, how to support it and what you definitely shouldn’t do.

Lorraine Dallmeier, CEO of Formula Botanica

The future of Organic skincare formulation
Plant pigments, Indie beauty brands, organic skincare and why all this is important.

Dr Sally Gouldstone

Dr. Sally Gouldstone

Sustainability in the skincare sector
Does ‘naturalness’ go hand in hand with sustainability, or is this just a marketing myth?

DAY 2 | Tuesday 24th of May

Jane Jopling, Holistic Skin Coach

Jane Jopling, Holistic Skin Coach

Healthy skin – An integrated yet simplistic approach
Approaching skincare from a completely different perspective.

Star Khechara - The Agehacker

Star Khechara - The Agehacker

Superfoods for Healthy, Vibrant, Age-Resistant Skin
Why superfoods are better than taking supplements.

Shannon Anderson

Shannon Anderson, Holistic Esthetician

Behind the scenes with a holistic esthetician
Slow beauty and intentional beauty gifting, invasive vs noninvasive treatments, a simple skin care regime, what to look for in an esthetician and so much more in this O&A!

Renee Harris MadeOn Skin Care

Renee Harris, owner of MadeOn Skin Care

So Your Child Has Eczema – What to Try Before Resorting to Steroids
Let’s talk solutions to eczema and help in identifying triggers.

Jackie Johnson, Botanist & Apothecary

Unlocking the Power of Herbs in Skincare
How to make your own herbal blend and why it is essential to add herbs to skincare.

DAY 3 | Wednesday 25th of May

Gabrielle Richens

The 4 Keys To Healthy, Glowing Skin
Good quality skincare is important, but your mindset and lifestyle habits play an even bigger role in achieving your skin goals.

Kelly Bonanno, Eco Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

Clean Beauty & Your Metabolism
The Connection Between Your Beauty Routine & Your Metabolism

Jessica Jade sunkiss organics

Jessica Jade

Creating a simple skincare routine for your skin type
Clearing up misconceptions, acne and dark spots.

Kassandra Kuehl

The interplay of the mind, stored trauma and self love & care for women to heal and live radiantly.
How trauma-informed health and beauty services are a foundation in how we approach aging, health and wholeness.

Carthago Fragrance

Idris Harki & Magnus Dandanell

How and by whom are skincare ingredients grown and extracted?
Transparency, traceability throughout the supply change of sourcing natural raw material and the key factors for a good quality of essential oil and hydrosol.

DAY 4 | Thursday 26th of May

Iván Valencia, Creator Of BeauAge

Reclaim Beauty
How the skincare industry has distorted our view on our own beauty and how to break free.

Krishna Patel

I AM Nature – Sacred Skincare Rituals
How we can create powerful rituals that fuse us with Mother Earth?

Evado Arfs I Founder and CEO of Denaturelle

Evado Arfs, Founder and CEO of Denaturelle

Ayurvedic remedies to achieve healthy hair and skin
The herbs, powders and ingredients you can use at home.

Nadine Artemis

Nadine Artemis, Creator of Living Libations, Author

Soil to the Bottle: Botanicals, Toxins and the Power of Nature
What’s Really in Your Personal Care Products?

Adam Kawalec

Adam Kawalec

How to be you(tiful)
A life coaching session digging deep into how to find self-worth, -confidence, & -respect

DAY 5: Let's Celebrate - Skin Body Spirit Kick-Down

Andrea Endres
Andrea Endres, your host

May 27, Friday LIVE @ 8:00 AM Los Angeles | 11:00 AM New York | 4:00 PM London

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Skin Body Spirit Summit LIVE Kick-Down: Open Q&A and guided natural make-up tutorial

Let’s celebrate the end of Skin Body Spirit Summit and the start of your holistic skin health journey ahead. Join me in an open Q&A session, let’s talk how your skin and thoughts on natural, holistic skincare have transformed and developed during the event. And, bring your make-up kit (it’s Friday after all) and I’ll show you my 10min mineral makeup routine! Tune in and let’s connect. Let’s celebrate each other and ourselves and all other women who joined the Skin Body Spirit Summit 2022!

How’d You Like To Access 20 World-Class holistic skin care Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you how to care for your skin holistically so that you finally know what to do when your skin goes cray cray again!
For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

Why Should I Sign Up For Skin body spirit summit?

Once-In-A Lifetime Curated Speakers & Actionable Content

Life changing and empowering skin health approaches explained by the top holistic skin care and wellness experts in the world (hand-picked just for Skin Body Spirit).

You Don’t Even Need To Leave Your House — Attend From Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dineros, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family.

World-Class Quality Content

This not your ordinary online event. We take pride in delivering you the absolute best content from a place of love and female empowerment so that you can start a confident journey to skin health and wellbeing.

Overcome Overwhelm - Highly Individualised Actionable Content

The summit is created to make change understandable and approachable. Instead of information overload, we focus on finding the right path for YOU so you feel empowered enough to make your own choices!

Holistic skin care for an empowering journey to skin confidence explained by The Top skin care and wellness Experts In The World

Your journey to simply knowing what your skin needs could go one of two ways:

Long and Difficult Way

You could spend thousands of your hard earned money chasing the newest trendy products, ingredients and tools in hope to find the one thing that works for you (a never ending hunt for the impossible)... Continuing with that bad self-talk where you convince yourself that something is wrong with your skin... Feeling clueless, overwhelmed and stressed about keeping up with the never ending choices that are constantly pushed upon us from an aggressive and massive beauty industry with impossible beauty standards...

Easy & Fast Way

You could sign up for Skin Body Spirit 2022 Summit today and get life changing insights on what really makes a difference for your skin health. The top holistic skin care and wellness experts will give you aha-insights and truly empowering knowledge that will strengthen your integrity, build your confidence and competence on what's good for YOU and YOUR skin. Imagine the feeling of simply knowing what to do with your skin? Feeling harmony and acceptance? Having vibrant, healthy and balance skin? Sign me up!

If you’re looking for confusing advise and contradicting information overload, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Andrea ENdres Skin Body Spirit Summit



Hi, I’m Andrea.

I started questioning what’s in my skincare back in 2004 after listening to a lecture. I started making my own skincare and became aware of what I put in and on my body. I trained to become a Holistic Skin Care Therapist & Nutritionist, travel fulltime and am a happy volunteer.

This one lecture I mentioned earlier truly changed my life and helped me find my mission: helping women to become confident in their skin, really owning their choices, their bodies, their worth!

Natural and holistic skin care and nutrition were my doorstep to a journey of true empowerment and I want to pay it forward with this amazing event!

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way!

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How’d You Like To Access 20 World-Class holistic skin care Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you how to care take of your skin holistically so that you finally know what to do when your skin goes cray cray again!
For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.


(FREE for a limited time only)

20 world-class holistic skin care & wellness experts reveal how to finally know what to do when it comes to your skin!
Receive your amazing skin guide as a gift:
Blending & Using Facial Masks like a Pro.