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Saman will teach us how to decipher ingredients lists and dissecting the INCI so we actually know what we put onto our skin. We also talk about microplastics – did you know they come in liquid forms too?

She had it all except time and healthy skin. After a challenging health condition and a lifestyle change that helped her reverse the early symptoms of Diabetes 2, Saman took that same approach to her skincare and created Beauty Cleanse Skincare for anyone seeking to feed their skin with gentle, convenient, transparent and high-performing natural products without leaving a negative impact on the planet. Giving back – her brand gives 1% to @thefelixproject


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Saman created this for herself when she changed to natural skincare which became this really handy tool for everyone who is just starting out. And truth to be told – we cannot remember everything. Personally, I also had one of these when I started out and soon got so much more understanding which empowered me to make choices according to my values instead of being confused by fancy packaging and labels. 

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