Sara Nomberg

Sara Nomberg’s Session Is Available:


An in depths walkthrough on daily, weekly and monthly skin care regimens for common skin “types” like dry, dehydrated, combination, normal, sensitive, oily, aging, acne etc skin. Sara will also explain what skin “expressions” are and why we should listen to them.

Trained organic skin care therapist and nutritionist and educator, Sara funded her own skin care brand Organics by Sara to complement her trainings where she educated hundreds of students in holistic skincare therapy in Sweden. Podcast host and board member of NOC Sweden, she also runs projects on hormone-disrupting substances in cosmetics and is lecturer at the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.


BONUS: With your Lifetime All Access Pass you get all expert bonuses including Sara’s leaflet on which oils to use for different skin types plus recipes to craft your own artisan facial oils suitable for your skin type. 

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